On @YourInAmerica, the Leveson Inquiry, Recent Findings and the Love English Awards 2012

November 24 to November 30, 2012

The week was filled with language, publishing, social media and journalism stories, including a Twitter-bot that shames those who actually mess up while trying to tell other people to learn proper English, reactions on the report on “the culture, practices and ethics of the press,” a deal that would sell McGraw-Hill’s education business to a private equity firm and the second year of Macmillan’s Love English Awards.


Image credit: "Love English" by Adrian Claudio.

Image credit: “Love English” by Adrian Claudio.

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Quiz: How much poetry do you know by heart? | Guardian.co.uk


Love poetry? Take this quiz from the Guardian and let us know how you scored.

Quiz: how much poetry do you know by heart? | Books | guardian.co.uk.

Image from original source. Photo credit: Pierre-Yves Goavec/Getty Images