On time management, emotional intelligence, and developing habits


It’s the second quarter of the year. How are you doing with your goals and resolutions? Our picks for this week include a book review on how you can get yourself to develop habits that will help you with your goals, as well as readings on managing your schedule so you can leave work on time and prioritizing using psychological distance. Check out:

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On Maya Angelou, success, and other things to learn

Phenomenal author, poet, activist, and actress Dr. Maya Angelou died at 86 on May 28. Her life and lessons inspired people, from writers and activists to hip-hop artists and scientists, to be their best selves. Social media users paid tribute by sharing Dr. Angelou’s inspiring words, one of them is on lifelong learning: “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.” So here are some pieces from the past two weeks to help us keep learning:

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Raising a Reader | Reader’s Digest

“Decades of research demonstrate that enjoying reading and reading well are the biggest factors in a child’s school success.” Reader’s Digest offers five tips for parents who want to help their children become good readers.

1. Good readers start out ahead.

2. Good readers have better vocabularies.

3. Good readers preview and summarize. 

4. Good readers picture a story in the mind.

5. Good readers connect to what they’re reading.


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Publish What You Learn | Smashing Magazine

Very few blogs start out with much traffic at all. Unless the blog is based on an already existing brand that has a lot of exposure, most blogs will begin with very few readers. Even Smashing Magazine, who now has millions of readers, subscribers, and followers, started out with nothing.

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Using social media as a language learning tool | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional


There’s no denying that enthusiasm for learning foreign languages amongst our schoolchildren is at an all time low. But if things are going to change, teachers and parents need to get smarter.

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