Sending love to all mothers


Last May 10, the world celebrated Mother’s Day by giving thanks to all mothers: biological or adoptive, stepmothers and mothers-in-law, stay-at-home and working moms. Google’s Doodle for the occasion showcased various forms of motherly love ranging from a swan and her cygnet, a cheetah with her cub, to a child running to her mother for a hug.

People look up to their mothers for their selfless love, dedication for their families’ well-being, and wisdom. This issue is dedicated to resilient women everywhere. Here are selected articles for the queen of the house:

  • A mom’s job is surely tough. The challenges of motherhood come with opportunities to learn unique skills. One successful entrepreneur and mother listed the reasons why moms make for a great hire.
  • Working mothers have maternity leaves. But what if fathers can have more paternity leaves to help their wives get back on their feet?
  • There are also tips for the working mom-to-be in preparing for the birth of her baby while trying to sort things out in her job.

Other posts of interest include:

  • Fresh graduates will have to step up their game to land a good job. Here’s some advice to help them settle in as they join the job hunt. Also, here’s an insider’s view on some workplace secrets.
  • E-mails are an efficient communication alternative but they are also prone to misinterpretations. Look out for these five rude e-mails that you might be sending out every day.
  • Social media interaction can get tedious and monotonous over time if what you share or what your audience see stimulate insufficient interest. You might want to consider these seven ways to keep the conversation going.
  • How much of your posts on social media show your real life? On Instagram, college freshman Madison Holleran looked like she had it all: intelligence, beauty, and even athletic prowess. Behind the photos she shared, however, was a struggle holding her back from living a happy life.
  • Here’s a critique on Filipinos’ use of the word “Gayweather” as they reacted on the outcome of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match.
Image: “Mother” by James Goodman (Flickr). Used under a Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) license
Ditto is a fortnightly collection of stories on publishing, media, communications, and topics that concern editorial professionals from the most credible sources on the Web. We hope to educate young professional writers and editors about industry standards, breakthroughs, and trends, among other things. Usually, you’ll find news and commentaries in here, but from time to time, we also feature tweets, visuals, games, freebies, and other fun but useful stuff that caught our eye. 

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