Reinventing old habits for success



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Nobel laureate Günter Grass once said, “Writers know that sometimes things are there in the drawer for decades before they finally come out and you are capable of writing about them.”

Our selection for this issue takes up some of the reasons why some of our ideas could get stuck in what Grass referred to as “the drawer.”

And whether the fear of making mistakes, being too busy with work, or wasting too much time trying to get over that writer’s block is the one preventing you from opening the drawer, remember that writing is our second nature and the slumps will always come to an end at the right time, with the right actions.

Bear in mind that every obstacle presented is an opportunity to improve one’s self. So pick yourself up, grab your pen, get thinking, and prepare to face the day ahead with these articles guiding you along the way:

  • It’s hard to write when you think of yourself as “smart.” Why not change the frame? This article suggests that you think of yourself as “fascinating” instead.
  • You’ve probably read (or heard) about a popular Mashable article on “Why Zuck and other successful men wear the same thing every day”. Attention, women: you can wear the same thing every day too!
  • Grow as a leader by asking more questions instead of answering them as told through infographics.
  • Writing at a 5th grade level may actually be good. Find out how through the F-K Scores.
  • Wasting time can boost productivity and creativity. Here are things to do the next time you feel stuck at work.

Other stories of interest:

Image: “Motivational” by rajaisa (PicHost). Used under a Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) license.
Ditto is a fortnightly selection of stories on publishing, media, communications, and topics that concern editorial professionals from the most credible sources on the Web. We hope to educate young professional writers and editors about industry standards, breakthroughs, and trends, among other things. Usually, you’ll find news and commentaries in here, but from time to time, we also feature tweets, visuals, games, freebies, and other fun but useful stuff that caught our eye.

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