PH National Language Month and updates on editing and journalism

The Philippines celebrates Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) this August and the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) has lined up several activities including a series of seminars on official correspondence, a three-day translation congress, and a book launch. This year’s celebration highlights unity with the theme: “Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa.”

Read on:

  • Filipino (or Pilipino?) was designated as the national language in 1987, but history shows we’ve been celebrating language since 1946.
  • The Philippine national language as defined in different constitutions of the country.
  • What’s your take on these 12 reasons to use Filipino as medium of instruction in college?

Here are other posts of interest:

  • To celebrate English Grammar Day in the UK in July, linguists gathered to discuss the need to improve how grammar is taught in schools. One suggestion is to rename grammar lessons as “understanding language” to remove the notion of “right or wrong” and make it more positive and focused on “meaning and clarity.”
  • discusses what linguist Arnold Zwicky calls the recency illusion: “Copyeditors are trained to notice new words and question whether they should be allowed in copy. Yet when we come down with a case of recency illusion, we may have a problem.”
  • Ten telltale signs that texts are “lifted.”
  • !, {, CTRL, and other keys to avoid for better writing.
  • In this social media age where anybody can break the news, professional journalists find opportunities to bridge the “understanding gap” and produce more meaningful stories through longform.
  • The pay rate for editors hasn’t changed much since 1995.
  • A study shows that in the US, journalists earn only 65% of what PR folks earn.
  • Taipei-based Next Media Animation (NMA), known for its parodies of news events, is trying to get back into the US market with its Tomo News unit. Check out samples of their work, such as their take on the firing of The New York Times’ executive editor Jill Abramson and Alec Baldwin’s brush with NY cops.
  • Scrabble, the 66-year-old word game, has accommodated 5,000 new words such as “chillax,” “selfie,” “bromance,” and “frenemy” in the latest edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Also check the history of 11 weirdly spelled words and 11 common phrases with nautical roots.
  • Here’s a list of 100 must-read books for journalists. Read the comments to know about other books of note that did not make it to the original poster’s list.


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