On “finding your blue,” social media Game of Thrones, and other career tips

April 15, 2014

In this issue, we gathered pieces of career advice on determining what it is you like to do, finding opportunities in nonpublishing industries, overcoming bad manners at work, and more. A social media makeover of Game of Thrones’ opening sequence, Facebook’s privacy dinosaur, 150 journalism clichés, and 10 best sentences from literature also made it to our reading picks.


Image credit: JD Hancock (Flickr). Used under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license.

Image credit: JD Hancock (Flickr). Used under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license.


Workplace and career

  • Here’s a list of some bad manners at work that most people might be guilty and/or unaware of, including coming to work even when you’re sick, and tips on how to overcome them.
  • Is being too nice doing you — or anyone in the organization — any favors?
  • “That new book on how to get fit — or raise happy children, or invest your savings — caught your eye because it’s interesting. But is it true?” Read on: Interestingness vs. truth.


Social media buzz 

  • Have you ever thought of taking a long break from all your social networks and tech devices? Here are tips on how to do it right.


For some fun


  • So April’s a National Poetry Month in the US. Here’s a list of gifted poets you should follow on Twitter.


Ditto is a fortnightly collection of stories on publishing, media, communications, and topics that concern editorial professionals from the most credible sources on the Web. We hope to educate young professional writers and editors about industry standards, breakthroughs, and trends, among other things. Usually, you’ll find news and commentaries in here, but from time to time, we also feature tweets, visuals, games, freebies, and other fun but useful stuff that caught our eye.


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