Story Relay #01: “Aaban”

We’re delighted to present the final version of the output of Story Relay’s first run. In case you missed our updates on Story Relay, we posted the seed on our Facebook page in December and ran the relay for two weeks with Sue Quirante as story master. After weeks of discussions and polishing the output, here’s “Aaban” in slideshow and Scribd formats.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Relay: Joseph AcallarRK AranasAllyn BaldemorNathan BrionesKiteng CablingJM Dela PazGerald Piñero DicenSolon DolorRachel Quirante and Raffy Raymundo. Congratulations to Project Chiron’s editorial staff, especially to Sue Quirante, for an awesome first Relay!

(Editor’s note: Check out Sue’s post where she shares her experience as story master as well as the process we went through after the two-week run of the first Story Relay.)


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