Project Chiron’s Top Posts of 2012

Happy 2013!

For us at Project Chiron, the past year was filled with experiments and discussions, and as we look back at our humble milestones, we recognize that Project Chiron is still a work in progress and the best is yet to come. We’ve had fun sharing news, prompts and posts that we hope were useful to you. Among all of our original posts for 2012, here are the five topics that were most commented, liked and shared on Facebook and on our blog:

5. Writing Prompt: Everyday Surprises

Our sixth writing prompt was our first attempt at using an original image. Inspired by a Forrest Gump quote and an anecdote, it was released on our 100th day online and remained to be one of our most liked prompt on our blog and our most commented prompt on Facebook.
Facebook: 3 comments, 3 likes, 1 share.
WordPress: 4 likes, 20 views. 

4. On National Punctuation Day, “Illegal Immigrant” and Social Media Best Practices

To help writers and editors avoid sweeping through a week’s worth of news and tweets, we launched our weekly roundup covering the most relevant stories and issues on journalism, language, publishing and social media. The first edition featured the celebration of National Punctuation Day in the U.S. as well as Twitter’s best practices for journalists and the campaign against “illegal immigrant.” The blog post is our most liked for the past year.
Facebook: 3 likes, 3 shares.
WordPress: 6 likes, 29 views.

3. On Banned Books Week, the Cybercrime Prevention Act and 1 Billion Facebook Users

The second edition of our weekly roundup featured Banned Books Week, protests against the Cybercrime Prevention Act and a Facebook milestone. The Facebook post sparked a discussion on banned books and the blog post is also one of our most viewed.
Facebook: 2 likes, 2 comments, 2 shares.
WordPress: 3 likes, 39 views.

2. Why We Need Copy Editors

Grammar and spelling slips are often confusing. But sometimes, they can be deadly. We asked people to send or tag us in photos of grammar and spelling gaffes. Check out contributions in our Facebook album.
Facebook: 5 likes, 2 shares.
WordPress: 62 views.

1. Story Relay #01

The concept of Story Relay was inspired by several collaborative writing activities we’ve seen in social media and was one of the earlier activities we planned for Project Chiron. After more than 200 days, we were finally able to launch the first relay. Though it was posted mid-December, it still rose to be our most liked and most commented post.
Facebook: 11 likes, 16 comments, 40 shares.
WordPress: 2 likes, 71 views.

From all of us at Project Chiron, thank you all for your support! As always, we’re open to any feedback, comment or content idea that you’d like to develop with us. We look forward to another year of experiments and discussions with you. Cheers!

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