Story Relay #01 Closed

Story Relay_banner2

After two weeks, the first run of Story Relay closed on December 28, 2012. Thanks to those who contributed to the relay and to those who helped us spread the word. Here’s the story master’s final word on the thread:

To our readers and collaborating writers, our first Story Relay has reached our time constraint of two weeks. At this point we have to stop accepting contributions and end this thread. We want to thank the collaborating writers who made this littleexperiment of writing alone together possible. You guys were wonderful. 

As story master it’s my role to wrap the story up, but I think Romer Aranas has done that for us. What the story needs is a transition between his post and John Michael‘s post. I will be adding this to the proofed version of our story, which will be coming out in Project Chiron’s blog in a week or two. Wait for it!

Of course, we want to give credit to our collaborating writers, and would like to request for a brief bio (100 words) from each of you.

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to send a message to Project Chiron (Beta) or myself Sue Quirante.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for language articles and other writing activities from us. This has been fun and hope to see you guys back on the next Story Relay!

We’ll keep you posted on the output which should appear in a week or two. Again, thank you for supporting the first run. We look forward to familiar contributors as well as new ones on the next Relay.


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