Story Relay #01 Update

Story Relay_banner2

The first run of Story Relay has started!  Be sure to read the rules here then head to our Facebook page and be part of the Relay!



It’s been a week since we posted the story seed for our first Relay, and we’re very thankful to the writers who are participating in the run and those who shared the seed to their friends on Facebook. Story Relay is our collaborative writing game on Facebook. If you haven’t joined the Relay yet, it’s not too late to check it out, post your contribution to move the story along, share it with friends and have fun.

So far, our characters have been named, we got some action, and there are still some questions to answer and areas to explore. Who is Aaban and why is his name so familiar to Brandon? Will Anthony survive? Follow Anthony, Brandon and Aaban as we move on to the second week of the Relay.


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