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After you read this post from Ragan’s PR Daily, you’ll understand why “Everyday is Earth Day” raises our eyebrows. Some of our pet peeves are in this list: everyday / every day, comprise / compose, and regards / regarding. What other misused, everyday words do you think should be in this list?




1. Everyday/every dayContrary to what you see practically every day, these are two different concepts. Everyday is an adjective that means ordinary or commonly occurring, while every day means each and every single day. Sly and the Family Stone assure us that in spite of the band’s fame and lifestyle, the members remain “everyday people.” Elvis Costello, unfortunately, gets it wrong when he sings, “Everyday I write the book.” Clearly he means every day. Who knows how many record sales this cost him?

6. Comprise/composeFew people get this one right. To say, “The book is comprised of 25 chapters,” is wrong. Instead, say “composed of.” Or better yet, just say the book has 25 chapters. Here is a proper use of comprise: “The neighborhood comprises 500 houses.”

7. Regards/regardingRegards are what you offer people in good cheer or fondness “Give my regards to…” Regards is not a synonym for regarding. Simply say, “In regard to.” No “s.” Ever. A certain presidential candidate gets this wrong almost every day.

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