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So you want to be a writer. Got a box of tissue paper?


Tissue – THE most important supply for a writer.  Why tissue?  Tissue for those dark, private moments when you open those letters from publishers or contests knowing it will be yet another “thank you, but…” letter.  Because, even though you’ve heard, “If you haven’t received at least three rejection letters this week, you aren’t trying hard enough,” you still don’t want to add another one to your collection.

Tissues for those moments when you are sitting at your computer, bundled up in blankets with your hot tea or coffee, waiting to die from the Avian Flu you probably caught from that snot-covered kid at the grocery store last week.  But there you sit anyway, writing—and, constantly wiping and blowing your bright red nose, hoping you finish before death comes calling.

And tissues for those scenes that sneak up on you.  The ones that make you ache with anxiety or tremble in fear as if you were your character.  Scenes that make you sob with happiness, blurring the screen as you continue to type.  Scenes, so heart-wrenching they haunt you until finally images explode into words, bringing with them so much relief that tears flow silently as you sit oblivious to the world around you.

Finally, we need tissues for those moments when all our sacrifice, all our fretting and editing, all our hand cramps and caffeine buzzes come to fruition.  We need tissues because, if we did it just right, our work, our words, our worlds, touch somebody’s soul— making a difference in someone’s life, making someone smile when they are sad, or making someone weep because they are finally understood.  Our writing, can give them the hope that passion and dreams can come true for the “every man”.  At the very least, we give someone the escape they need on a rainy day.  This is why writers need tissues.

via YA Warehouse: Supplies Necessary for Writing.


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