Why Does The New Google+ Use So Much Whitespace?


Google launched a massive redesign of Google+ earlier today. The reaction to this new interface for the company’s fledgling social network have been generally positive, but most users are somewhat confused about why there is suddenly so much whitespace on the site. Indeed, the #whitespace hashtag is currently trending on the site and it’s probably the most discussed “feature” of the new design. I think there is a reason behind this madness, though.

What Google’s Vic Gundotra didn’t talk about when he announced the changes this morning was the fact that Google has now also switched to a responsive web design for Google+. Instead of a traditional fixed-width design, responsive design adapts to the size of your browser window. So while your Facebook page always looks the same, no matter whether you’ve maximized your browser window or not, the new Google+ design actually changes as you re-size your browser window…

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