Social media, but not just for fun | Harvard Gazette

Harvard faculty members offer some suggestions on how to best use social media without hurting your career. Here’s an excerpt of their suggestions; click on the link below the list to read the full article. Photo from original article.

Start small. Test the social-media waters on a network that allows greater privacy in who can view your posts.

Keep it professional. While it’s fine to say online that you work for Harvard, be careful to distinguish your opinions from those of your employer. Never reveal confidential or proprietary information you might come across as part of your job.

Stay current. Convincing a potential employer — or your current one — that you’re social-media savvy requires more than just setting up a few accounts and letting them become online graveyards.

Engage. Whether you’re running an account for yourself or for your organization, you’ll get more out of social media when you interact with other users.

Make social networks work for you. Social media can be a source of relevant news, productivity, and connections if used properly.

via Social media, but not just for fun | Harvard Gazette.


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